Writing & Recording!


Good people! It’s been a while since our last update, but we are still here! Just letting you know, we are currently spending all our time writing and recording new material. We are aiming for a second album, but the when, where and who’s still remains to be figured out!

New Single "My Mind"

Check out our new single! If you like it, please share!
The track is available on iTunes, Spotify, WiMP etc. from April 11th.

In addition to our fine selves, this track features these fine musicians:

Erlend Aasland, electric guitars and cavaquinho

Arne Andersen, drums

Torje Fanebust Ås, bass

Dominique Brackeva, trombone

Simen Kiil Halvorsen, trumpet

It is produced by Ashley Stubbert, and is released on CCAP April 11th!



Announcing New Tour

We will be visiting a lot of norwegian cities this spring. Come out!


An Update

Copenhagen Songwriters Festival (photo: Alex Nyborg Madsen)



Dear friends and fellow human beings.

Hope you all had a great summer and are doing well!



It has been delightful to see the way our latest release Brooklyn has been received, since it hit the fan back in April. 

We are very grateful for all the love and kind feedback, and especially for the help spreading the word. Thanks!


Since the mini tour in April and through the summer we have been focusing on writing new songs, preparing for a new album.


It has been an interesting summer, debuting on different areas. Our first live appearance on national tv (God Morgen Norge), our first song on a movie soundtrack (Pornopung), and our first appearance abroad (Copenhagen Songwriters Festival).


A good summer for Poor Edward, indeed!



So now, we are ready for the fall, just focusing on writing new songs, working towards a new album.


We will drop you some teasers along the way!



Take care!



Live pics

Copenhagen Songwriters Festival 2013 (photo: Alex Nyborg Madsen)


Live pics

Copenhagen Songwriters Festival 2013 (photo: Alex Nyborg Madsen)



A healthy 'n' happy bunch after the release concert at Martinique.
What a great bunch of guys!
(photo: Linda Eisala Winther)

We had a great time on tour! Thank you very much for coming out to see us! We appreciate that a lot!

See you around next time!





Brooklyn EP is out now!

Available everywhere digitally, and also in an awesome digipak - limited edition, 300 numbered copies only!


Time Is Gonna Change You - Poor Edward 


Here is a little background for you:

This Brooklyn EP is kind of an experiment. We got a chance to go to New York to work in the studio, so we did. Well, if you got a chance to go to NYC to work and record, would you not go? Sure you would. So, we installed ourselves in Braund Sound studio in Brooklyn and the plan was to spend four days and record four songs, with four different producers. A song a day, each one with a new producer with new perspectives. We wanted to experiment a little, we wanted to explore what we could do differently with our songs, our sound, and with our expression so to speak. Try something a little different, a little new. Something a little new and different to us anyway. We had a bit like a "let's go see what we can do with this" feeling. 

So there were four days in the studio, one day per song. That was a bit of a challenge for us, starting from scratch with these songs, to finish four songs in four days. 

We worked. Played. Recorded. Digested. Contemplated. Refueled.

In Brooklyn.


Love, M&K


Music video - Be Here Tonight

Hey friends! We've just release this new music video - as a first taste of what is to come from the BROOKLYN EP.

This track is called Be Here Tonight, and it's produced by mr. Ian Miller. What a great guy Ian is!

And, the absolutely stunning video, which we are superbly (is that a word?) pleased with, is produced by the awesome crew that is Koala Klan. Here you go! 


We are happy to announce that our new EP, called 'BROOKLYN' will be out April 5th. It will be available in all digital music stores.

There will also be a limited edition of 300 physical copies available. These will numbered, and they also contain exclusive bonus material, such as extra tracks and videos.

The physical copy of 'BROOKLYN' can be ordered in advance from our webshop on Bandcamp. Just click this link! http://pooredward.bandcamp.com/


Also, check out our upcoming live shows.

Hope to see you there!





A New Year, A New EP!

First, we wanna thank all you fine people for following us. 2012 was a good year for us. 

We got to play a lot of gigs, 26 to be exact. Good times!

Thanks for coming out to see us, and thanks for listening to our music!


During 2012 we also spent some time in New York recording for our next release.


We are really excited about 2013. A new EP will probably be released some time this spring. 

Title, release date and live dates will be announced shortly!


Here's a little sneak peek of what's to come:



Keep on keeping on!

Sign up to our mailing list, 

or find and follow us on Facebook / Twitter for more or less useful information…


Take care,


Out & About


It's been a while…

But now we're getting ready to come out and play a few gigs again. 

We are opening for the fabolous Ida Jenshus in Fana, Bryne and Stord, and we are also going to Oslo and Kristiansand in November.

Check out the dates and come see us if you get the time.


We still haven't shared with you our New York City experience 

That was a great trip.

We worked.






We will tell you more about this later. If you wanna hear it…


Something will happen. New sounds will be released.

Stay tuned. Updates to come.


In the meantime,

take care, and be nice to each other.




World Upon My Shoulders

Live from Tou Scene

Here's a treat! A blast from the past if you will...
A live recording of World Upon My Shoulders, from our release gig at Tou Scene December 2011.

Our whole crew of good people was on stage.

Erlend Aasland; mandolin
Torje Fanebust Ås; bass
Thomas Torstrup; organ
Øystein Tengesdal; drums
Reidar Garthus; sax
Lars Sutterud; trombone
also Arne Andersen joined in on percussion, but I guess you can't see him there….

Thanks to Henrik Torjussen at Posuva Media for the footage, and to Eirik Bekkeheien at Bekk Studio for the sound.


Going To New York!


Going to New York City!


We are very excited to say that we are going to Brooklyn, NYC, to record songs for our next release!

Sunday June 10th, we are leaving on a jetplane, and we will be working in Braund Sound Studio for a week or so, recording new songs, and getting our Brooklyn game on.


So, ahead of us we have a week of work and inspiration, hanging out and meeting new people, getting new perspective on things, and hopefully record some music.


Pure awesomeness.


Surely we'll let you know how it goes!


Take care,

all the best,





Keeping Track - some kind of video

Our new single, Keeping Track, is out now! Available in any digital music store, and also available for streaming of course. Hope you enjoy it! If you like it, we would highly appreciate it if you helped spread the word. Get it on iTunes here:
Keeping Track - Single - Poor Edward Take care! M&K


Keeping Track - New Single Out May 4th!

Design: Thomas Østerhus

Yes, just in time for spring and summer we are putting out a new single. It'll be available in any digital music shop from May 4th.

Hope you like it! And if you do, please tell your friends! 

Nice and easy.



Martin & Kristian 

Hello Again

Onstage in Kongsberg.

Hey friends! 

It's been a little while since last we said hello!

Guess it took a while for us to recover from our January tour.. 

It was a  total blast… Such good fun to drive across the country with our friends, playing music and meeting new people. We hold many memorable moments to our hearts from this tour. Thank you!


As of right now we have entered into our little writing bubble, working on new songs and old ideas…

This is quiet, slow and enduring work. Almost always it takes forever to finish songs, and honestly, sometimes we don't even know when a song is actually finished.

Some of our songs are actually written in a three year period…

Luckily there are songs that are born and raised in one night, so to speak…

It's just a matter of hanging in there I guess… Anyways, we are excited about our new songs, and are planning for some serious studio work this summer.


We are also planning the release of a new single sometime towards summer… Hoping for that to work out… More gigs aswell, and hopefully summer festivals… We are working on that, will get back to you!


Enjoy springtime then! 


Check out some pics and videos from the tour: (There's more in the Media and Gallery section)

see ya!



Video of Not Better To Go Suddenly. Shot with an iPhone






A New Year. Let's Start With A Tour

Out on the road. Meet new people. Play some music.

Best wishes for the new year to all of you! Thanks for the support in the last year, thanks for buying our record, coming to our gigs, and listening to our songs. It means a lot.


2011 was truly a joyous year for us. We got to release our long awaited record, got some nice reviews, played over forty gigs and we got to meet a lot of great people!


This year looks like it will be another busy year. We are starting on a 11-dates-tour mid january, the 11th, to be exact, in Oslo.

We will be bringing our band, our great friends and awesome musicians Øystein Tengesdal (drums), Torje Fanebust Ås (bass), Thomas Torstrup (organ), Erlend Aasland (pedalsteel and banjo).

We can't wait!


Vi gleder oss hinsides. Håper du tar turen ut om vi kommer til et sted nær deg :)


Apart from this we are just starting to work on recording new songs. We'll make sure to update you with some teasers as we move along.


You could follow us on Twitter or Facebook for more or less important stuff…

www.twitter.com/pooredwardduo - www.facebook.com/pooredward


Check also our new little webshop - www.pooredward.bandcamp.com - get your own kickass Poor Edward t-shirt! Only forty shirts made! :)


Here's the list:


11.01.2012 Oslo, Cafe Mir

12.01.2012 Sarpsborg, Vertshuset

13.01.2012 Tønsberg, Total

14.01.2012 Hamar, Gregers

20.01.2012 Bergen, Vamoose

21.01.2012 Stord, Osvalds

25.01.2012 Bryne, Thime station

26.01.2012 Drammen, Buddy Scene

27.01.2012 Kongsberg, Energimølla

28.01.2012 Kristiansand, Haandverkeren



Helsing Martin & Kristian. 

About Time

Time does not stand still. Sometimes you want it to. Sometimes you want it to go faster. Well, we all know we cant control it. Time goes by. Time is coming.

In time, things will change. Things will change for worse or for better. Every time is a different time. It keeps changing, and we change with it.

Its the truth. Time is gonna change you.


Time for us represents the future. It represents the changes that are coming. 


You can control what you fill your time with, how you spend your time, and maybe to a certain degree you can control how time is gonna change you. But the fact that time will change you is inevitable. Hopefully it will all be for the better. Hope for the future, hope for change. There's a lot of hope in knowing that time is coming, time is changing and that time is gonna change you. At least thats the way we feel about it.


A day of joy it is! We have put down some hard work into this, luckily we are very satisfied with the result.

There are ten great tracks on the album, and for some reason, every song is about hope in a way. 


We have written songs with awesome folks like Tobias Stenkjær, Michelle Leonard, Boots Ottestad and Rod Davies. :::

We are really pleased. It feels good to get input on what we're doing, different views on things.…

The songs are still ours we think. We feel we say what we want to say..



We joined up with US producer/engineer Ashley Stubbert (Pearl Jam, Sebastian Waldejer, Purified In Blood), and escaped to a remote mountain cabin along with our accompanying musicians. After lugging recording equipment and guitar amps up the grassy hill, the cabin soon became the perfect musical getaway suited for recording, experimenting and focusing on the music... and the wine. Yes, we had a great time. The overall goal for the record was to take the Poor Edward sound to another level sonically, and to delve into the subjects and the stories of their songs.

We think the stories and our songs convey’s a sense of life's extremes; of grief, happiness – and hope. Recent years for for us have consisted of extraordinary highs and lows, leading to a variety of expression on the album's ten songs. We guess we have tried in some ways to spice it ut a bit, maybe with a touch of dry humour, but we have always tired to be personal and appealing, yet not invading. 

Hopefully these songs carry the sound of life lived, true stories told earnestly without affectation.


We had fun recording, trying to make out our own expression. Still, as any good pop or rock band, we steal a little from some of our influences.

There are a lot of different references on this record. Some obvious, some hidden. See if you can spot some of these:

Michael Jackson, Beastie Boys, Beach Boys, Bruce Springsteen, Wilco, The Everly Brothers, The Walkmen, The Jayhawks


haha, a little bit of everything in there….


Well, here it is on iTunes.


Check LINKS on the frontpage for other places to find the album


Also, check our EPK, a 9-minute video with us talking to the great Tobias Stenkjær about the album...


We hope you give it a listen, hope you enjoy it, and if so, we hope you tell all your friends! ;)

Thanks again people for taking the time!


And yeah, we wanna show some love to some great people putting some awesome dedication to this project:

Camilla Rosenlund for designing the cover, Ola Myrset for writing bios for us, Atle Skoglie and Erik Sæter Jørgensen for photos.

Tom Brekke at CCAP, Hilde Killingdalen at Killing Promotion, Stein Bjelland at Great Moments and of course Ashley Stubbert and our great musicians for making this beautiful record with us!


All the best,



Martin & Kristin 

New Video - Power Of The Gospel

7" vinyl (Look To The Sky + Power Of The Gospel) available now!

A while back we invited a whole group of people that we like, to come sing with us in the studio.

We recorded our own cover version of Ben Harpers song 'Power Of The Gospel'.

It was a blast, we had a great time.

We liked it so much we decided to include it as the b-side of our first ever 7" vinyl single!


The two track vinyl (Look To The Sky + Power Of The Gospel) comes in an awesome Arigato pack from Stumptown printers, with beautiful original artwork designed and hand printed by Kjetil Brandsdal aka Drid Machine.


So the great folks singin' and hummin' on this track are:

Elise Vatsvaag, Erik Røe, Hovering Orville, Christer Wulff, Eltervaag, Endre Jordal, CutTheTrack, Magnus Rød Haugland.


Produced by Ashley Stubbert

Released by CCAP


Get your copy of the vinyl here: www.pooredward.bandcamp.com. ONLY 200 copies!

And check out this little video we made for it:  

(go to Fanpage to see some extra "behind-the-scenes" outtakes)

Time Is Gonna Change You

Cover design by Camilla Rosenlund

We are very happy and excited to announce that our new album, 'Time Is Gonna Change You', will be out November 18th on CCAP!


Niceness! Ten songs about life and death. No more, no less. We'll surely tell you more about it later!


Oh, and by the way - we are throwing a releaseparty at Tou Scene Friday December 2nd. Be there if you are in town! 


Good Music

photo: Atle Skoglie


Just wanted to share a playlist with some of our favorites.

Suited for cold, rainy and windy autumn nights. We called it KAKAO.

Check it out HERE (Spotify)


And by the way, check out the Fanpage here for some other interesting news….





Look To The Sky - Out Now!

Photo: Erik Sæter Jørgensen / Cover: Camilla Rosenlund


Look To The Sky, out September 5th, is the first single from the new album coming in November. 

 Get it on iTunes here:

Look to the Sky - Single - Poor Edward


Have a listen here, why dont you:



POOR EDWARD single (mp3) by CCAP


The single is released digitally, but is also available as a limited edition vinyl 7" including a bonus b-side Power Of The Gospel (Ben Harper). 

The vinyl comes in an awesome Arigato pack from Stumptown printers, with beautiful original artwork by Drid Machine.


Contributing on these recordings are these fine people:

Øystein Tengesdal (drums)

Thomas Torstrup (organ)

Torje Fanebust Ås (bass)

Erlend Aasland (pedalsteel, banjo)

Kine Rostøl Ottesen (violin)

Arne Hovda (accordion)


Also, on Power Of The Gospel, we have a whole lot of guest vocalists:

Elise Vatsvaag

Erik Røe

Hovering Orville

Christer Wulff




Thanks y'all!


Produced by Ashley Stubbert

Released by CCAP


Get it on iTunes!

or order the vinyl here: www.pooredward.bandcamp.com 



"If one man can show so much hate, think how much love we could show, standing together."

(Stine Renate Håheim)





Hello Friends!


There's actually not much news to share.

For the past weeks we have been doing what we always do. Writing songs, and playing gigs. Good times. 

We have also been working on our album… We know some of you might be waiting for this album we have been blabbering about for quite a while now.

Hey, what's taking so long!?, you might wonder… Well, for this one we want to make sure everything is as good as it possibly can be. Guess thats the reason for the delay.

We are also contemplating about some minor details concerning the release.

We have been let down in that matter a couple of times, so to speak.

But we are in no hurry, even though it is a bit frustrating to sit on it for this long.

We are gonna stop talking about it, and just let you know when we have it all figured out. No need to bother you more than necessary!


Self-pity? No. Complaining? Not really. A bit frustrated? Well….. This sums it up:


Maybe we'll be let down yet again. Probably. Hope it'll be easy. We wont give in!

Oh well, thats just a little frustration that needed to come out…


Have a great summer, eat strawberries. They're good for ya.


Poor Edward Live & Well

Here's a little film from our gig supporting Lissie at Folken, Stavanger back in March!




Poor Edward spiller noen små konserter med og uten band i Stavanger og omegn i sommer.

Til nå har vi følgende bekreftet:

4.juni: Musikkfest Stavanger - Vi spiller med band på Arneageren kl. 11.00

4.juni: Musikkfest Stavanger - Vi spiller et akustisk duo sett på Tou Scene kl. 21.00

18.juni: Kvernhuset1913, Kverneland (Midtsommernattfest!) - Poor Edward m/ band

02.juli: Stavanger konserthus - Foajèkonsert kl. 13.00 - Poor Edward m/ band

22.juli: GladMatfestivalen, Lervigteltet kl. 17.00

Kanskje kjem det fleire også.

Vi har uansett en spennende høst i vente!


Spring Is Here! Let's celebrate!

We are celebrating by playing a free show at Café Mir, Oslo.

Tomorrow. Friday April 15. Show starts at 8pm. 

We'll be bringing the band, and Hovering Orville joins aswell.

It'll be fun. Drop by if you're in town! And yes, it's free - so bring all yer friends!


How About It?

Reading right now; the epic life of Willie Nelson


The last couple of weeks we have been busy thinking. Planning, scheming.

Our record is finally all done, the master disc is in our hands. It feels awesome. Now we have moved on to focus on the release, and that means a whole lot of thinking, planning and scheming.

We cant really tell you much yet about the when, where and who.


So for now its just a little bit of waiting it out…

But we have been doing some work while waiting. We have been working on some great artwork for the album. We have been planning for a music video. And we have been rehearsing the songs on the album to present them in a live format. 

Some of you may have noticed that we have had the great honor and pleasure of working and playing with many talented musicians. We kind of like it that way. We sort of have a pool of great people and fine musicians to play with. It's what we like to call a "rotating line-up". The cool thing about that is that we get fresh perspective on our songs, and it challenges us to approach our songs in new and different ways. The top bonus being we get to meet and play with many interesting and skilled folks!


Anyhow, to start  off our spring / summer "live-period", we are playing a show at Café Mir in Oslo, on Friday April 15th. 

We will keep you posted on more dates. And of course, on the awaited album release. 


Furthermore, recently we supported Lissie at Folken. That was a blast, a good show, a great crowd, sold out and everything.


Things to check out (if you haven't already):


Reading: Willie Nelson - a great book about a tremendous character

Listening: Stein Torleif Bjella - brilliant norwegian songwriter, exceptional lyrics in norwegian.

Watching: Mad Men - what a bunch of funny guys!



Until later, 

kjærleik i kvar heim.


Martin & Kristian


PS: Om du har tilgang til vår Fanpage; klikk inn for en hyggelig invitasjon!


Yes, A New Song!

Good people! Here's a taste of what's to come!

Click HERE to have listen. 



Poor Edward - Look To The Sky - off the coming album - 2011

What Are We In To

We are inspired and influenced by a lot of different things. In the process of working with our new album, we've been turning to a variety of sources for inspiration. 


Ernest Hemingway - a great writer. The king of understatement, a master of minimalism. We find his work quite intriguing. "Write drunk, edit sober", he once said. Gotta love that!


"The clouds were building up now for the trade wind and he looked ahead and saw a flight of wild ducks etching themselves against the sky over the water, then blurring, then etching again and he knew no man was ever alone on the sea."

Ernest Hemingway - The Old Man and the Sea



Tom Waits, a true inspiration in so many ways. Though you probably cannot hear much trace of Tom Waits in our music or lyrics, we are influenced by him. His lyrics, his songs, the sounds, his appearance, just the aesthetics he brings to the table. Constantly fascinating. Check out this track, accompanied with a real nice video:




And there's a lot more! But for now lets cut it down to this; :

Here's a great song by The Jayhawks! 

Getting There

Photo: Karina Gytre

As the first month of 2011 is coming to an end, we are up and at 'em… Still some work left in order to finish our album, but now we are really close. Only the final touches on the master left. The funny thing is, we've been working with this project for so long now, and it keeps getting better and better by the day. It's somewhat sad that we are at the finish line, but at the same time we feel a great relief and pride in what we have done. Yes, we are proud of our record and we cant wait to share it! 

We also think this marks a new beginning. 

As always, sticking to the tradition, we have put out a final mastered track on our Fanpage for your listening pleasure.


Anyhow, we got some plans for the spring as well. First off, we are playing at Kjetil Wold Memorial Concert at Folken, Stavanger Friday 28th. Read more about it on Facebook. 

Also in February we are heading to Bylarm to hang out and meet some great people working in the music business. 

We are also on the bill for Trubadurweekend in Stavanger, playing a duo acoustic set at Stills Cafè on Wednesday February 23rd. Come see us!


Further more we are working on a music video, and preparing first and foremost for the release of the first single off the coming album.

So, lots of joy and happiness coming your way! Just you watch out!  

2010 - Thank You!

Photo: Erik Jørgensen

The year of 2010 has been a very good year for Poor Edward. We have been quite busy, and have really worked hard. Fortunately there has been many great things and projects for us to be a part of. We are happy to have been able to work with different people, and to explore and evolve. As artists, as songwriters, as human beings.  


Thank you very much for your support, we really appreciate it.


We have practically spent this whole year working on our first full length record. We've been writing, rehearsing, arranging, demoing, recording, mixing and mastering songs.  Alongside that we have played about 40 gigs, here and there, in all kinds of places. We've played small clubs, big outdoor shows, private events, and sort of untraditional venues like IKEA and the airport. All good fun.

We think the highlight of our year must have been the couple of weeks we spent at a cabin in the mountains of Suleskard, laying down the majority of the recordings to the album.


There are so many great people to thank for outstanding contributions and effort put in for us! Our band, both the session crew and the live band. Lets just namedrop them, shall we; Øystein Tengesdal, Thomas Torstrup, Torje Fanebust Ås, Endre Jordal, Petter Sandvik, Ole Sønnik Larsen, Eirik Vatland, Olav Halvorsen, Thorbjørn Bryne, Erlend Aasland, Kine Rostøl Ottesen. Great people, great musicians! Thank you! 

We have also worked with brilliant photographers this year; Erik Jørgensen and Karina Gytre. Great designers; Camilla Rosenlund and Øyvind Tendenes. Soundguys Frank Østebø and Steven Bishop. Our great manager Stein Bjelland; Crème de la crème!  

Last but not least, our terrific producer. Ashley Stubbert. The commitment he put in, the musicality he represents, the skills and overwhelming endurance he possesses. One of a kind! We just call him "the machine"! Thank you! 


Around half of the songs on the upcoming record have been written at, or in connection with Songwriter Circle. Songwriters Circle Stavanger is a songwriting camp where professional songwriters from all over the world meet up for the sole reason of writing songs together. We are very happy to be a part of that. 

We have been able to write with many great songwriters, and by that we have improved and evolved as songwriters. Its been a great ride! We have songs on our record co-written with Michelle Leonard, Tobias Stenkjær, Boots Ottestad and Rod Davies among others. 

Songwriters Circle Stavanger is run by mr. Arne Hovda. He is the man. He has also delivered some outstanding contributions on our record, in many ways. Stavangers finest!  


We are extremely excited about 2011. We will release our record. We will tour. We will play strange gigs. We will play fun gigs. We will meet new people. We will meet you guys! We will do it all. Thanks once again for following us this far, we hope you tag along for the future ride. Hope to see you somewhere. 

Please tell a friend. Please shout it out loud. Please be nice. Please keep the faith. Please follow your heart.


Happy New Year To All! May It Bring You All Good Things!


Oh, yeah. We made this little film. Tried to squeeze one years worth of Poor Edward into a seven minute piece.

It's accompanied by teasers of songs from the coming album. 


  - Poor Edward // 2010 -  Enjoy! 



Happy Holidays!

We want to wish you all a merry christmas, or happy holidays, as if to be politically correct. Anyhow, we hope you enjoy the season, and find the time to relax.

We know we will!


Last Saturday we  played a pre-christmas gig at Tou Scene, Stavanger. It turned out to be a real nice and quite cozy affair, we think. For those of you who weren't there, here's what it looked and sounded like…


Take care for now, 

Martin & Kristian 


Mixing! Check Our Fanpage To Hear New Songs.

We are in the midst of mixing our record, and we hope to be finished soon. We want to thank all you guys for following us, it is much appreciated. As we have released sketches, live-recorded-versions and demos of our album songs along the recording process, we also want to give you some listening samples as the mixes are about to be touched up! So, a couple of test mixes are available in  close-to-finished versions on our Fanpage.  You know the drill. Register if you like :)

We are also working with the artwork for the cover, hoping to give you a sneak peak in a short while.


2010 has truly been a great year for us, and it is soon over. We got a few more exciting events coming up though… We are very much looking forward to christmas and our christmas show at Tou Scene, Stavanger - playing with Olav Larsen and Hovering Orville. Come out to see us if you're in town! It'll be a lot of good fun.


Thats all folks, catch you later.


Reprinting The Old EP's - Poor Edward Remixed!

Design: Camilla Rosenlund // Photo: Erik Jørgensen

Since we ran out of copies of our EP's, we decided we wanted to print some more copies.

While we were at it we had some brand new artwork made, by the lovely and talented

Camilla Rosenlund.

To make it even more worthwhile we put on some exclusive never-before-released tracks. Two demos of unreleased songs, and a very special treat; A remix of one our songs.

The brilliant John Derek Bishop has remixed and warped the song "Leave". Sounds like a cool, chill-out club track. It is awesome we must say!

For now there's only one way to check it out;  Buy it! :) Either at one of our shows, or order by mail: post@pooredward.com

The Christmas Spirit

Yes, final gig of the year! We are doing the Christmas special with mr. Olav Larsen and Hovering Orville. It's gonna be a great night, and we are really looking forward to it!  Hope you can make it

to the show, maybe there'll be some surprises aswell…


Anyhow, thanks everyone who showed up in Bergen and Haugesund last week.

We appreciated it. Had a lot of fun. Hope to see you again! Take care.


Live in Bergen and Haugesund

Poster by Øyvind Tendenes // Drawing by John Ralston

Visiting Bergen and Haugesund! We are teaming up with Hovering Orville and doing two split gigs this weekend. Putting on our Sunday best!

Poor Edward vs Tore Pang

This is from last night's madness at Skagen Brygge Hotell. Poor Edward featuring Tore Pang.

Yeah, we had fun!


Charity & HipHop

Tonight, Wednesday, we're playing a charity event hosted by TraumaCareEthiopia at Stavanger University Hospital (SUS).


The foundation Trauma Care Ethiopia was established by enthusiastic staff at SUS. The vision of the foundation is to teach modern trauma treatment in Ethiopia. Health care personnel from SUS offer unpaid leave of absence, travel to an established trauma centre in Addis Ababa in an attempt to reverse the brain drain to brain gain. The foundation hopes for the knowledge and expertise built up at the trauma centre to be spread to all hospitals in the country on the long term, and to ensure quality emergency treatment for the entire population.


A project well worth to support we think. 

TCE are releasing a calendar for 2011 with photographies of Stavanger celebrities, and Poor Edward gets their own month. Happy to contribute. Photos are taken by the fabulous Tommy Ellingsen, and will be released this fall.

Be sure to buy a copy when you get the chance. www.traumacareethiopia.org


And tomorrow, Thursday, we will be doing our first ever collaboration with a rapper. Yes, a rapper. Hiphop style. We have teamed up with Tore Pang, the pioneer of the well known Xplosif HipHop Festival in Stavanger. A great guy, hard working dude. 

He'll be blasting a verse on our song "Bullets Are Grazin' Me". 

Since it's a closed event at Skagen Brygge Hotell, you wont be able to attend the performance, but we'll make sure to take some photos and maybe film the madness… 

Check back for some footage of the "Poor Edward goes hiphop experience"!


Take care for now guys!


Them Strange Kind Of Gigs

On some gigs one might experience the feeling of playing for a very small crowd. Yes, we've played hour long gigs for seven people. It's not often, but it happens. In a weird way, those gigs, for very few people, often turn out to be among the best ones… Why that is I am not sure, but I think maybe it has got something to do with the relaxed atmosphere that has a tendency to appear. It is almost as if we decide to relax more and not take ourselves too serious.

When there are fewer people in the audience it is easier to connect with each and every person in there.. The feeling can be compared to when you share an exciting secret that only you and a handful others know about…..


Still, we prefer playing for larger crowds, and there are gigs where you are guaranteed a very big crowd!


 Oh, I'm talking about playing at places like the airport and IKEA. Thats what we are doing!

It's kind of strange, kind of akward, kind of cool, and kind of exciting.

We hope to meet a whole bag full of nice people!


We are playing at Stavanger Airport Friday,  and Saturday we are playing at IKEA warehouse.


Hopefully it'll be a blast!

New Live Dates November

 We are playing Bergen and Haugesund!





We are doing splitgigs with the brilliant Hovering Orville.

Come out and see us. November party!

Funkytime In The Studio!

The Horns Practicing...

This week we have had the pleasure of working with some fine musicians in our studio. The brilliant brass trio of Lars Sutterud, Simen Kiil Halvorsen and Reidar Garthus came to blow their horns! And they did it beautifully!

Also Kine Rostøl Ottesen from The List came in to put some magical violin to tape.

She played violin on the tracks Not Better To Go, and on Look To The Sky.

On Look To The Sky we also had the legendary mr. Arne "Honda" Hovda (of The Getaway People) play the accordeon. 

Good times! And the songs just keep sounding better and better! 

Preshow Thime Station

Poor Edward on the road, and this is what we do. We'll post some video blogs this weekend. This is from backstage, upstairs at Thime Station. One of the few backstages we've been to with a pool table. It kinda makes all the difference.


Stavanger Airport, Sola

Sound and photo: Steven Grant Bishop

A somewhat funny experience, but fun still. We showed up to play a short set at the airport, during rush hour. At least we were guaranteed a big crowd! 

Chances are we'll do it again.


Now we are stoked about our two gigs in Farsund and Oslo, with our good friends in "the live-and-kicking" backing band, Endre Jordal, Ole Sønnik Larsen and Petter Sandvik.


Another Mini Tour

Thime Station, Bryne

We are heading out on the road, starting tonight at Thime Station. Thime Station is our absolute favorite spot in the city that is Bryne! Except from maybe Vardheia where our grandparents used to live when we were kids. Anyhow, Thime Station is like a traditional english pub which offers a great atmosphere, nice people and good beer. What more can you ask?


Onwards on our little autumn tour we are playing at Stavanger Airport (!), and then visiting Farsund and Oslo.


Check out the Shows banner for more info on that!

Hope to see you!

Playing On The Bus

September 22 was World Car Free Day, and we celebrated it by playing on buses.

Local tv station TvVest came out to join us, and they made this report. 

Check out World Car Free Day, and their vision HERE.



Where No Man Has Ever Put His Foot

Photo: Erik Jørgensen

We did some promo shots at Stavanger Kunstmuseeum, and came across this installation.

A nice one, we thought. It really resonated with us, so we took a picture of it. Hope we didn't ruin it! 

The piece is done by Fredrik Raddum. Check out more of his work HERE.

Rough Mixes On Fanpage!

We got something to show you! We've put out some rough mixes on the fanpage. 

Check em out. 

It's a sense of where we're going. We are excited! Also barely started working on the art for the cover, so we went for a photoshoot with Erik Jørgensen. He runs his own little company, check out his blog HERE. 

Hop On The Bus, Gus!

World Car Free Day.

Wednesday September 22 is World Car Free Day, and Poor Edward are happy to celebrate it!

As a part of this occasion, different artists from Stavanger and Sandnes will be playing on

buses between Stavanger and Sandnes all day.

We'll be playing for a couple of hours between 3pm and 6pm. 


Check out World Car Free Day, and their vision HERE.


So on Wednesday, catch the bus guys! Come sing along! Or ride your bike. Or hey, just walk.

In the rain. With an umbrella. 

Comin' Out To Play

Hey friends!


We're doing three shows in October.

If you're anywhere nearby, come see us!

Say hi! We would appreciate it.


Wednesday 13.october: Thime Station, Bryne - www.thime-station.no


Friday 15.october: Pakkhuset, Farsund - www.pakkhuset.as


Saturday 16.october: Månefisken, Oslo - www.manefisken.no



The Power of the Gospel

The album is actually as near to finished as it has ever been… All that's left is some vocal parts, and then the mixing.

We wanted to do some kind of a b-side, or a bonus track if you will, and we wanted to make it something a little special. 

So we picked a song we hold dear, "The Power of the Gospel", by Ben Harper.

Next we invited a whole group of vocalists that we like, to come sing with us.

It was a blast, we really can't wait for you to hear it…

In the meantime, here are some photos and a teaser video of the event. To see more film from the fun night we spent in the studio, check out our Fanpage!


Thanks to our friends and lovely singers Elise Vatsvaag, Erik Røe, Trond Eltervaag, Birger Bekkeheien aka Hovering Orville, Christer Wulff, Endre Jordal and Uri the man!


Trond Eltervaag, Erik Røe & Endre Jordal singing on our record

Photo: Karina Gytre


Producer Ashley "The Machine" Stubbert

Photo: Karina Gytre


Nice peeps

Photo: Karina Gytre


Birger Bekkeheien aka Hovering Orville

Photo: Karina Gytre


Christer Wulff stopped by

Photo: Karina Gytre


Travelling Edwards

Jackets and cases...


A nice weekend and more

This weekend we took some time off from the recording studio and hit the road.

First stop was Røvær. We've been there once before, see previous blogpost to read more about the little island. 

Beautiful place and beautiful people!

We had a great time,doing our thing as a supporting act for Pål Angelskår from Minor Majority. That guy writes some good songs, I'll tell you...

Cheers to all the great people at Røvær!


Then we sat off to Sandnes, to play at the event Vågen Basar. The occasion was the jubilee of Sandnes City being 150 years. All evening there was a bazaar, with lots of great local art, food and drinks. I especially recommend the Aronia juice… Check it out here …. Good for you!

There was also a bunch of local artists, such as ourselves, playing. 


Then home for some rest before we head out again… Tonight (Monday) we're playing at the ONS kickoff thing, and Tuesday playing a concert for students at NKF…


Good times!

GladMat Festival July 2010


Noise at the library


Stavanger Aftenblad kom og besøkte oss da vi spilte på Musikkbiblioteket:


Les saken;  www.aftenbladet.no





Pulpit Rock

The excellent photographer Espen Mills recently spent 24 hours at the Pulpit Rock taking over five thousand pictures. He made this time-lapse video of it. 

The scenery and the nature truly is amazing. If you haven't been to the Pulpit Rock, we strongly recommend a trip. Martin has been up there a couple of times, and Kristian only dragged his feet up last summer. It's a good hike :)


To accompany the pictures in this video Mills put in our song "Time", taken from our first EP, "Summerrain", released in April 2008.

On this track there's a beautiful pedal steel, played by Øyvind Berekvam. In addition to being a great pedal steel player, Berekvam also has a very good music blog. 

Check it out here! (It's in norwegian though…)


Anyhows, here's the video.



Another weekend, another playlist!

Here are some new and old favorite songs!

The Weekly Playlist Once Again


Have an awesome weekend!


Martin & Kristian 


Taking a break

Inside the C3 organ. Thanks to Ådne Sæverud for letting us use it!

Now we've been in the studio working for two weeks.

All of the basic tracks are done, the great Thomas Torstrup came in and played organs and pianos, and it sounds great! 

That Hammond C3 is one nice organ…


Now we only have some vocals left to do.

But before we do that, we are going to get ourselves some rest. 

You know, let the songs breathe for a while. Maybe just enjoy the summer (and the World Cup) a little bit more.


Go to our Fanpage for just a little tease listening sample of what we have done this far!


Discussing the parts


Thomas Torstrup doing the organ - A nice C3


Martin singing his heart out


Back In The Studio

It was a good session at the cabin, we managed to record all of the basic tracks.

We've got thirteen songs to work on, not yet decided how many to put on the album.


It has been both an inspiring and hard turn, with long hours of work over a long period of time, trying to accomplish  and fulfill this vision we are having of what we want these songs to be. 

Our drum 'n' bass section Torje and Øystein has been doing a terrific job, we are super pleased. And Ashley "The Machine" Stubbert really takes us to next level. Thanks to A-man for making us sound so good!


We also want to thank mr. Eirik Bekkeheien for  the use of his equipment! Sweet!


We are excited about the songs, and the whole record is coming together nicely. It's almost like we can't wait to have it released.

It might be a bit early to say, but it looks like this album will be a bit darker sounding and more "edgy" than the two previous EP's. We think that's a good thing. There will be some nice mellow songs, and also some more up tempo, almost like rock 'n' roll tunes. 

Hopefully we get to share it with you soon!


Now we're back in Stavanger, ready to do vocals… Work, work, but fun, fun!


This Sunday, July 4., we'll be playing a matine concert in Foajeen at Stavanger konserthus.

If you happen to be in Stavanger, come see our show. It starts at 13.00 and it is free!



Take care for now, 

Martin & Kristian 

Exhausted and Happy

Frisk ungdom!

Happy and tired brothers, getting ready to pack up and leave! It has indeed been a beautiful week, magic and sounds has been made.

A bigger report, reflections and listening samples will be posted soonish. Now; pack - home - sleep...

Take care, have a great weekend.



Thanks to Stone, the guitarist from The Getaway People, for lending us his superb 1963 Vox AC30.




Ready for electric guitars!


Soon leaving

Vi er snart klar til å reise fra Suleskard, litt elektrisk gitar har vi igjen å gjøre.

Se Martin dele noen tanker om oppholdet og innspillingen så langt. 

Computer trouble!

Yesterday we experienced our first real problem… Just as we were about to start recording the awesome guitars, the computer that runs the recording software and all, suddenly started acting crazy!

Brown-outs or whatever you want to call it… It kept on restarting itself and we couldn't get anything done…

So we had to take a little break, call all our friends to see if someone could take a drive from Stavanger with a new computah..


Luckily, this fantastic dude called Birk had planned on driving to Oslo and hey, Suleskard is on the way to Oslo. Nice.


He was happy and kind to pick up another computer and bring it to us.

He of course got hugs, coffee and an apple in reward. 

Thanks a bunch, Birk!


Meanwhile, during the break, we climbed up the roof top to relax in the sun… 

We got inspired and played this little song… It's a song called "Anybody Seen My Girl" and it's written by Martin and two other great songwriters called Ove Svendsen and Lena Anderssen.



Ove has a band called The Owens. Check them out! 

Great stuff. Great people. 

Making Progress

We're making progress, taking the time to discuss different approaches to the songs.

As we were about to record the song Not Better To Go Suddenly we had some problems cracking it… The song has been released before, on the Summerrain EP, but we wanted to do it again. Partly because we weren't quite happy with the performance, and partly because we think it's a good song and it really is an important and meaningful song to us.  

Up and at 'em

Getting ready for a day of recording guitars

It's Wednesday, the sun is shining, and we're ahead of schedule. Did you think we were given a break? Oh no…  

With Ashley "The Machine" Stubbert on the team there's hard work around the clock….  But it's all good, we like it!


The drums are done, finished eleven tracks… It actually sounds awesome! It's the room that does it, the cabin we're at has a spacious living room with great ceiling height. We think this room sound will be somewhat of a signature sound to the whole record….


We get to watch just a little bit of the World Cup (during meals), laughing at the ridiculous French team and cheering for Maradona's boys! Go Messi!


Speaking of meals, Kristian the chef is cooking us delicious food, keeping us happy!

On the menu we've had Entrecote, Scampi and Garlic Chicken… 

Do you need a great recipe for Port Wine Sauce? You'll find at our Fanpage…


Are we having any problems you ask? Actually, there has been very few…

Only thing is the mosquitos…. And a flock of sheep wanting to join us, and so hey, we let them play the bells……


Maybe they'll make it on to the record…


Oh well, gotta go, there's work to do….  Ready for guitar tracks!!!


Take care folks!

All love.


Three Songs In One Day


Media coverage!

Here`s an article on Poor Edwards mountain adventure from Rogalands Avis ( in Norwegian):



Status day 4:

Seven basic tracks done, on to the next... The Norwegian mountain-sound is coming along nicely....

And then, coffee..


Browser trouble

Hei folks, 

there might be a problem accessing the Fanpage if you're using Firefox.

If you want to access our Fanpage area, but can't find the button that's supposed to be at the top right corner on this page,

try using Safari or something else than Firefox. The issue should be solved within a couple of days though...


Still going strong at the cabin, 

all love

Martin & Kristian

These Are The Times!

We've been in Sirdal for a couple of days now, feels like weeks already… Time flies when you're having fun and are working hard…


The basic tracks, that'd be drums and bass, of four songs has been recorded and we are happy!


Kristian is cooking us great food, we get to watch a little of the World Cup and tomorrow we might just go hiking… 


We are all happy and excited, and no one has started a fight. Yet…


To see more from our stay at the Highlands, to hear some songs and watch Kristian cooking, please do register on our Fanpage… 

You will find the button / link on the top right corner….



Oh, The Place Of Magic!

First day of recording, the Suleskard Highland Sessions… We've spent the first day setting up, making sounds and getting in the mood… 

We managed to put one song to tape, it all sounds really good… The cabin is great, there's a nice atmosphere and the whole crew is ready for good times!

Sweetness, I tell you!

The Highlands!


Ashley and Torje discussing important things


The violins


Ekte hyttekos


Where else...?


Kristian taking a breath


Øystein all set up




Sirdal Is Where The Magic Is

We're off to Sirdal, gonna spend a week at a cabin on top of Suleskard.

We'll be hanging out, go fishing, go for long walks, read lots of books, do some barbecuing…. 

Ah, life!

Maybe we'll record some songs as well...


Magic will happen, sounds will be made, the next Poor Edward album is in the making!

We are stoked!!!


We will give updates along the way, so check back anytime!



Playing Musikkfest Stavanger


Last weekend we did a nice little three-day tour, together with our friend Depui.

We started in Kristiansand on Thursday, where we played a nice venue called Frk Larsen. Sweet, sweet audience!


Then, on Friday we had a long drive from Kristiansand to lovely Etne. In Etne we were to do a show at  Fugl Fønix Hotel together with Hanne Sørvaag and Tobias Stenkjær. That was a great gig  with a lot of nice people, and after the show we all put on our dancing shoes... Yeah! We tried to find the time to go swimming aswell, but we didn't... Next time! 


On Saturday we headed back to Stavanger and played at Musikkfest. It was really a fun day and a good gig. We got to try out some new songs with the band for the first time. We think it was a success! 


And so we all agreed it had been a lovely trip. Luckily we got through this tour without crashing any cars, no one got sick, no one got robbed or nothing... That's a first! 


Now we're going back to rehearsals and preparations for the upcoming recording sessions... Updates to come, check the Fanpage for more info! 

Power Of The Good Times

a night in the studio

... "the making of"....

Instant Tour Blog Report

Live and direct from the road! We're in the car, on our way from Kristiansand to Etne to play at Fugl Fønix Hotel. Great! 

The weather is good and we're listening to Beck. It's all good. 

Skoda Superb works as a tour van... It's a rental!


We Are Proud To Announce

Cover designed by the great Camilla Rosenlund

Yes we are! Proud to announce that we will release our first full length album.

It's called Time Is Gonna Change You.

Will be out on November 18th. on CCAP.

It will be available anywhere good music is sold - norwegian record stores, digitally through iTunes, Spotify, WiMP etc. 

Do you like the front cover? We do...

We will tell you all about it later.... 


Oh, and by the way... If you are in Stavanger on December 2nd, we are hosting a great releaseparty at Tou Scene.

Friday December 2nd, at 10pm that is! What a great night thats gonna be! Hope to see you :)


All the best,

Kristian & Martin

The Studio Progress!

The other day we spent a couple of days rehearsing with the studio band. The songs are coming together nicely and we are stoked about recording this album.

We are going away to a cabin in Sirdal to record for a couple of weeks, bringing all the equipment to set up a small studio. To back us on the record we are happy to have Torje Fanebust Ås playing the bass and Øystein Tengesdal playing the drums. Thomas Torstrup will do the piano and organ parts, and mr. Ashley Stubbert will produce the whole of it.

Here's a little taste of some of the songs... For more songs and more updates on the recording progress go to the Fanpage and register!


What To Do?

Forrige gang vi var i Bergen, sammen med Hovering Orville, oppstod det en diskusjon om hvem som skulle spille først...


Playlist Of The Week!

 Here we go again, with a nice soundtrack to the first week of summer!

Poor Edwards Playlist Of The Week

Have an amazing week folks!




Listen to our songs