An Update

Copenhagen Songwriters Festival (photo: Alex Nyborg Madsen)



Dear friends and fellow human beings.

Hope you all had a great summer and are doing well!



It has been delightful to see the way our latest release Brooklyn has been received, since it hit the fan back in April. 

We are very grateful for all the love and kind feedback, and especially for the help spreading the word. Thanks!


Since the mini tour in April and through the summer we have been focusing on writing new songs, preparing for a new album.


It has been an interesting summer, debuting on different areas. Our first live appearance on national tv (God Morgen Norge), our first song on a movie soundtrack (Pornopung), and our first appearance abroad (Copenhagen Songwriters Festival).


A good summer for Poor Edward, indeed!



So now, we are ready for the fall, just focusing on writing new songs, working towards a new album.


We will drop you some teasers along the way!



Take care!


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