Poor Edward is the duo consisting of Martin and Kristian Tungland Rinde; two brothers from Stavanger, Norway. They released their debut album Time Is Gonna Change You in November 2011. Writing and performing their own songs,  Poor Edwardcan be classified as a mixture of pop and rock with notable folk tendencies. Their trademark is a guitar and vocals sound, largely focused on lyrics and harmony. The music is melodious, sometimes melancholy, often understated and always authentic.

Since 2006, the duo has completed several tours around Norway, both as an acoustic duo and with their backing band. The Poor Edward discography includes, in addition to the Time Is Gonna Change You album, also the EP's Summerrain (2008), Soldiers & Sundays (2009) and Brooklyn (2013). 

Poor Edward is currently writing and recording new material, aiming for the release of their second album, whenever ready!